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Administration / Back-Offices

In the SillySmart Back Office, you can Create / Add / Change / Delete / Set all customers back-office through the menu "Back-office".

Back-office - Generation

From the menu "Generate Back Office", you will be asked to create your Back-Office Controller:

Once created your Controller, you can choose the Models you want to generate :

Back-office - Rights

After generating your back-offices, you must create at least one access to the future Back Office from the menu "Back-office rights".

You can bind each privilege (read, add, edit, delete, clone, custom, dashboard) with models of your choice.

Back-office - Administration

Once generated, the back offices appear so :

By default the following actions are generated for each Model:

  • Listing
  • Clone
  • Add
  • Modify
  • Delete

Form of a back-office appears so:

You can set more features to the listing :

  • Bo Menu in which you can place this entry (you can add, edit, delete category to order your tables)
  • Columns
    • Allow to filter
    • Allow to display
    • Allow to quick-edit
    • Contain HTML,
    • i18n
  • Joins (left)
  • Clauses where (and, or, bracket)
  • Groups
  • Orders
  • Limit
  • Children (if another model have a foreign key to this current back-office)

Back-office - Internationalization


Whole generated back-office is translated in English/French by default.

You can find all the translations into Langs/Actions/{{CONTROLLER_BO}}/__{CONTROLLER_BO}}.xx.lang.php.

If you have others languages in your application, files are filled in english, simply override them by the language of your choice!

Menu translations

If you have created custom bo menu (see), you can translate it by prefixing your key language by sls:lang:

And add the translations in your global project translations:

 * SillySmart Translations
 * Language : English (EN)
$GLOBALS[$GLOBALS['PROJECT_NAME']]['XSL']['I18N_MENU'] = "custom menu en";

Table translations

Table translations are based on MySQL comment of the table (see mysql doc comment keyword with create table).

You can also prefix it by sls:lang: and comment of the table will be translated:

CREATE TABLE `album` (
    # columns definition
MySQL comment of a table is limited to 60 characters.

Column translations

Column translations are also based on MySQL comment of the column.

You can also prefix it by sls:lang: and comment of the column will be translated:

CREATE TABLE `album` (
    # ...
    `album_title` varchar(255) NOT NULL COMMENT 'sls:lang:ALBUM_TITLE', 
    `# ...
) # table definition
MySQL comment of a column is limited to 255 characters.

Back-office – Login

To access to login interface of back-office, simply go to the following address:

http://vhost.domain.tld/ControllerName/Connection (or only /ControllerName)

Just enter the IDs selected when creating the privileges / rights of the admins.

If you are already authenticated on the SillySmart Back Office, you will be automatically authenticated to the customer back office.

Back-Office - Menu

In the left menu, appear all your tables ordered according to your differents bo menus, your custom actions and your dashboard:

Back-Office - DashBoard

The DashBoard is composed with 5 modules:

  • Google Analytics (if you have set settings in SLS_Bo)
  • Projects Settings (various technical infos)
  • Project Reporting (if you have created custom graphs reports)
  • Mail log (if you have send mails through SMTP)
  • Monitoring log (if you have enabled in SLS_Bo)

Back-office – Add

Adding an entry to the back office is very easy. Depending on the Mysql types, specific types, filters and customization of back-offices, the interface is explicit.

All the fields are checked directly in JavaScript (filters, types, specific types, constraints).

The conversion is as follows:

  • Input_text : for string (« char », « varchar », etc.) and numeric (« int », « float », etc.)
  • Input_password : for the column who has a hash filter
  • Input_file : for the column who has a file type
  • Textarea : for the « longtext »
  • Input_radio : for the « enum »
  • Checkbox : for the « set »
  • Select multiple: for the "enum" with more than 4 options

Widgets facilitate the administration:

Widget Date

All the fields of type date, datetime, timestamp, time, year have a widget calendar:

Widget Foreign Key

All the Foreign Keys you have specified have an auto complete widget on column or pattern you provided to describe the entity:

Widget Bearer

All the table bearers you have specified have a multiple auto complete widget on column or pattern you provided to describe the entity:

Widget Uniqid

Specific types « uniqid » are pre-filled automatically with an unique token:

Widget Address

Specific types « address » have an autocomplete provided by Google Maps:

Widget File Img

Specific type « file_img » have a drag & drop and progress upload feature:

You need to install php-apc mod to use progress bar on old browsers that don't support JavaScript API File.
# On Debian
apt-get install php-apc

And to add the following settings in your php.ini:

apc.enabled = 1
apc.rfc1867 = On
# Your choice
apc.max_file_size = 100M 

Also have a crop & scale feature:

Widget Color

Specific types « color » have a color picker widget:

Widget Hash

Filters « hash » have an input type password:

Widget Children

If you have set children to your back-office, you have the possibility to add children in the same time you add/edit father entry.

You can do it with the button "Add block" and if the children have media, you can create all the blocks with multiple upload!

Back-office – Modify

Update is similar to adding.

Back-office – Listing

The listing lets you view all the entities stored in the table.

You can sort on any column, page, and change the number of items displayed per page.

You can also filter on as many columns as you like using many comparison operators (like, equal, Greater, is null, in, etc.) and possibly group the results.

Finally, you can export the result to standard file formats (Excel, CSV, HTML, Txt).

The columns displayed are those filterable and customizable from the back office SillySmart.

To edit, delete or clone you must first select the row with which you want to interact:

Back-office – Clone

This feature clone the entities selected and inserted into the table. It allows saving time with tables which have many features to fill.

Back-office - Populate

It's a feature similar to clone if your authenticated on the SLS_Bo, it's allow to populate a table with a random number of recordsets.

Back-office – Delete

This feature allows deleted one or several entities of the table.

This action is unrecoverable. A confirmation message will ask you if you are sure to delete.

Back-office – Quick Edit

You can quick-edit some column if the quick-mode is enabled:

Then, the right sidebar allow to you to edit and confirm change directly on listing:

Back-office - Keep Alive

If your are logout due to excessive length of session, keep alive feature will allow you to reconnect without losing your current changes:

Back-office – additional actions

For now (sls 1.1.0), 4 further actions are generable from the SillySmart back office :

  • Translation, can offer the possibility to translate all the languages variables of the application (i18n),

  • FileUpload, allows to offer ckFinder (Management library documents of ckEditor)

  • Project Settings, allow to edit settings (project.xml)

  • Users, allows to manage rights of admins