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SillySmart / Logic

SillySmart adopts a MVC architecture in its application logic.

Like many of his elders, SillySmart includes the various actions of your application on a single pair Controller / Action.

This mapping is identified through the following URL rewrite & the following formalism:


The division of different actions in a couple Controller / Action used to group these actions in a functional logic.

Each Controller and each Action have a single generic name (which is the name of the final files) and 1 (or N) names translated into a useful optical referencing and multilingualism in the URL.

For example, if your site offers a user-space, this would mean probably we have registration, login and logout actions. Imagine that your application is multilingual (English - French).

At Controller Level :

  • Generic Name : ‘Account’
  • Translations :
    • ‘User’  in english
    • ‘Utilisateur’  in french

Foreach action :

  • Generic Name: ‘Login’
  • Translations :
    • ‘Connection’  in english
    • ‘Connexion’  in french

This action will be accessible from the following URLs:

  • http://vhost.domain.tld/User/Connection[.ext] in english.
  • http://vhost.domain.tld/Utilisateur/Connexion[.ext] in french.
You can also access the wanted action by its generic name::