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Administration / Production Tools

In the SillySmart Back Office, you can manage all the production settings of the Framework through the menu "Production Tools".

Production Settings

The Production Settings match the configuration of the environment of the application stored in the site.xml.

All these information are recoverable by two ways:

  • $this->_generic->getSiteConfig("key") that you return the node value
  • $this->_generic->getSiteXml() returns the SLS_XMLToolBox1 instance on which you can run XPath queries through getTags() function.

« Development » mode displays developer tools and stack traces to standard output ; « Production » mask them and catch the warnings / errors in log files.

When the cache is enabled, SillySmart doesn’t list recursively resources for inclusion in the different layers of the project (PHP, XSL, JavaScript, etc.) – it is based on the file cache.xml to include theme. If you enable the cache in development and you create new files (Statics, Components, Generics, etc.), you might get errors because the cache will not be rewritten.

When maintenance mode is enabled, the user is redirected to the 302 action of Default Controller. This allows, when a problem X or Y appears, doesn’t displaying it to visitors. Also, ifyou are connected to SillySmart Back Office, unlike the others, you can view the site and debug any problems.

Compressor / Uncompressor

You can choose if you want to compress Javascript files and/or Css files.

  • If you choose Javascript, all the js files in /Public/Scripts/Javascript/Dyn & /Public/Scripts/Javascript/Statics folders are selected.
  • If you choose Css, all the css files in /Public/Style/Css folder are selected

After, you have the choice to compress or uncompress (if you have previously compressed you files).

If you choose to compress, all files will be copied to {file}.uncompressed and the source will be erased by the YUI compressor.

If you choose to uncompress, {file}.uncompressed will erase source file.

Configs deployment

This tool lets you easily create production files of your different configuration files (global, db, email, project). You can edit one by one or with a complete batch in four steps.

Production files will be name {file}_prod{.xml}.

If you need to migrate on a production server, we just need to erase {file}.xml by {file}_prod.xml.

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