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Reference Guide / SLS_ExprBuilder

SLS_ExprBuilder1 is a utility class for creating composite expression comparisons in MySQL.


At Controller level, you can instantiate a new class:

$expr = new SLS_ExprBuilder();


All the functions of comparison takes in parameters the name of the column and the desired value(except nullable functions):

- Equality (Equal)

$expr->eq($col, $value);

- Inequality (Not Equal)

$expr->neq($col, $value);

- Inferiority (Lower Than)

$expr->lt($col, $value);

- Inferiority or Equality (Lower Than or Equal)

$expr->lte($col, $value);

- Superiority (Greater Than)

$expr->gt($col, $value);

- Superiority or Equality (Greater Than or Equal)

$expr->gte($col, $value);

- Nullity (Is Null)


- No Nullity (Is Not Null)


- Similarity (Like)

$expr->like($col, $value);

- No Similarity (Not Like)

$expr->nlike($col, $value);

- Multiple Values (In)

$expr->in($col, $value);


  1. SLS_ExprBuilder - SLS_ExprBuilder class