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Reference Guide / SLS_HttpRequest

SLS_HttpRequest1 is a class that allows you to recover all the parameters passed in the URL in GET & POST methods.


At Controller level, you can access it directly by inheritance on SLS_Generic2Controller:


At others levels (PHP), you can access it by reference to SLS_Generic2:

// Or if u haven't a reference to SLS_Generic, using the singleton:

Data recovery

- If you want to retrieve all the parameters, you can use the getParams() function:


- If you want to retrieve a particular parameter, you can use the getParam() function:

$this->_http->getParam($param, $type="ALL");

Foreach function, you can specify the parameter $type which restricts the protocol. The possible values ​​are 'ALL', 'GET', 'POST', 'FILE'.


  1. SLS_HttpRequest - Tool SLS_HttpRequest - Http Request Treatment
  2. SLS_Generic - Generic Class - Used eveywhere in the application