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About SillySmart

SillySmart is a lightweight and flexible MVC Framework written in PHP5 based on XML/XSL's parsing. SillySmart is a free, open-source Web application development framework since 2007.

What is SLS?

PHP framework

SillySmart is a lightweight and flexible MVC Framework written in PHP5 based on XML/XSL's parsing.

SillySmart is a free, open-source Web application development framework since 2007.

It was written to address several issues:

  • No PHP framework actually allows a natural way to use a View layer built through XML/XSL.
  • Allowing various collaborators on a project with different and complementary skills to work independently at several levels of the code (PHP at Controller's level, MySQL at Model's level, XSL at View's level, client-side JavaScript, etc.) ; without interfering or depending on your collaborator’s works.
  • Implement a true separation of MVC layers across various technologies and specific language to each layer
  • Allow a readable implementation of layer View which takes advantage of a “phtml templates” like semantic in XML, to obtain with modularity, a powerful progressive and corrective maintenance dimension.
  • Provide a framework, that thanks to his XML skeleton can easily generate N distinct types of outputs (RSS, Atom, Web services, Ajax, etc..) without any problems of casting or parsing.
  • Provide a lightweight framework that doesn't carry hundreds of components but still stays expandable to meet individual needs through additional plugins.


SillySmart is based on an Open Source philosophy and is licensed under the GNU GPL 3 license.

This means that anyone can use, modify and redistribute at will. This also implies that SillySmart relies on its community (developers, users, beta-testers, etc.) to constantly evolve.

SillySmart does not aim to revolutionize the world of frameworks, it seeks to offer a different approach to the MVC model.

Its main strength is to offer the first PHP5 MVC framework that implements the View layer of the same families of homogeneous technologies (XML, XSL, XPath, XHTML).

He draws his inspiration in the architectural framework of reference PHP, Symfony and Zend to name a few, but also Struts (STXX) of J2EE’s world.

It also aims to greatly simplify the process of project configuration (YAML, XML, etc..) through a HMI installation and administration of the Framework.


Since 2007, important features are implemented by SillySmart. Many useful components allow the developer to stay focused on the specific needs of their application, while avoiding redundant features for each project.


Sls implements the MVC Design Pattern.

XSL Fully Compliant

Sls implements the XML/XSL technologies on View Layer.

Data Access Object

Sls implements DAO, Persistence, Active Record and Query Builder on Model Layer.


Sls supports interface & database internationalization.

HMI Management

Sls installs itself step by step and is administered using a HMI.

Admin Generator

Sls allow generating Controllers / Action / Models & User back-office.

Controller Flexibility

Sls implements with modularity Controller Layer with three levels (Statics, Actions & Components).

Skinnning & Theming

Sls implements with modularity View Layer with four levels (Headers, Body, Templates, Generics).

XmlToolbox / xPATH Query

Sls allow to format & handle XML feeds with xPATH.

URL Rewriting

Sls base his architecture on highly modular URL Rewriting.

Multi Domains

Sls allow support of multiple domains on the same application natively.


Sls has Compressor / Uncompressor tools to facilitate Web Performance.


Sls provides an extension library consisting of additional components.

Production Deployment

Sls has a production deployment batch to facilitate production setup.

Multi Database

Sls allow support of multiple database on the same application natively.


Sls support MySQL5 and tomorrow many other vendors through PDO.


Sls is equipped with many security measures to prevent your Web applications from classic attacks.

Migration Tools

Sls has many migration tools to easily bind many web configurations.

Url Mapping/Dispatching

Sls implements URL Mapping & URL Dispatching in application path.

Auto loading

Sls adopts the auto loading mechanism to load all the needed resources.

Error handling/Logging

Errors are handled and presented nicely with messages and completes stack tracing in developpement / logs in production.

Why should I use SLS?

SillySmart or another framework is not absolutely necessary: it’s just a toolbox to help you develop better and faster.

Use SillySmart if you want a robust and stable framework to meet your needs:

  • Tired of PHP/HTML, pHTML or all template engines built in server side
  • Frustrated that no framework use XML and XSL in the View Layer
  • Want a natural View layer that don’t mix server & client languages (PHP and xHTML)
  • Tired of command lines and tedious configurations of your project
  • Just don’t want to spend 15 minutes to have your project ready to start
  • You want to install your framework using a HMI in just 5 steps
  • Tired of 50mb framework which carry hundreds of components
  • You want to manage the entire framework with an HMI?
  • Need to generate powerful customer back-office in 2 clicks
  • Want a lightweight framework which stays extensible with additional plugins

Who is behind SLS?

SillySmart was born in 2007, originally developed by Laurent Bientz and Florian Collot.

Today, SillySmart is sponsored by Wandi, a french production agency and supported by his open source community.

Who use SLS?